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You want to live well. Grow. Be more carefree. But in some areas of life you still feel stuck. Even more, it's hard to find relevant, practical, and biblically-based resources that speak into those places. That's about to change. Each Beyond eCourse offers fresh perspectives and meaningful exercises that cover the core topics of life.  If you're looking to unlock, grow, and live your best life, consider any of these inspiring and challenging courses!


Feeling overwhelmed by the clutter in your life? Let's help you regain your focus and create a plan of action.

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A course to help you have a more healthy

self and body image when you're feeling not enough.

Beyond Skin Deep .png
Beyond Skin Deep  (1).png

Together, we'll explore practical tools to help make sense of this past year, navigate the uncharted waters of our new world, and create a vision beyond 2020. 

Beyond Betrayal.png

A guide to healing when your trust has been broken, this eCourse is packed with over a dozen exercises to help release your pain and confusion so you can move forward in freedom.

Beyond Just Sex.png

Not in the mood...again?  What if there's a way to scale the wall of resistance, explore your sexuality, and discover a more freeing intimacy in your marriage? There is. 

Beyond Codependency.png

How do you do healthy relationships without losing yourself? Boundaries. Codependency. People-pleasing. Approval-addiction. We're covering it all.

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