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With Joey Coffman, MDiv, BCCC

For individuals, couples and ministry leaders.
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Joey Coffman

Glad you're here. 

Counseling Sessions are 90-Minutes


At times we find ourselves uncertain, discouraged, or depleted. Other times, we just need someone to help us get from here to there, uncover blindspots, or hold us accountable to our values and choices.  When we invite another to walk with us in our ambiguity, our pain, and the journey to more freedom, we create sacred space for transforming work to begin.  

I look forward to connecting!

Joey's insight, vast knowledge, and experience is great. His approach is professional but at the same time personal, making him someone people want to open up to and work with to pursue their personal healing and development. His dedicated, kind, and gentle approach gives his clients the opportunity to feel truly heard and seen.

Keith Bunger

Phoenix, AZ

Common Counseling Conversations

  • Exploring family of origin issues

  • Unpacking conflict and communication patterns

  • Creating healthy boundaries and respecting personal limits 

  • Deepening intimacy within marriage

  • Premarital Counseling

  • Unmasking signs of burnout and compassion fatigue

  • Creating sustainable self-care

  • Embracing life stages and paradoxes 

  • Grieving losses

  • Addressing roots of depression and anxiety 

  • Unlocking shame

  • Breaking enmeshments and other toxic relational habits

  • Wakening desire, dreams, and life purpose 

Interested in Getting Started with Counseling?


$200 per session 90-minute session

$400 per month for two, 90-minute sessions

Get Started

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* I'm currently NOT taking new clients. Please see my referral list of vetted counselors/resources at

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*I am not taking new clients at this time. Please see our list of vetted referrals at

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