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Now Available: Beyond Skin Deep eCourse

As you probably know, Joey and I have set out on an adventure called eCourses! And we are so excited to announce our third! Do you want to feel comfortable in your own skin? It's is a secret desire for a lot of us. BEYOND SKIN DEEP guides you to a deeper acceptance of who you are, looks and all, without the shame.

Affirming. Challenging. Freeing.

This eCourse is for every woman who longs to see herself the way God does. It's time to UNLOCK AND STRENGTHEN your self and body image...from the inside out.

In the beyond skin deep course, you will...

  1. Identify your primary "image influencers" and what it means to truly embrace a healthy self-image.

  2. Discover the difference between self-conscious and self-confident living and how to change

  3. Begin to heal from messed-up messaging you received throughout life in practical ways

  4. Learn to integrate relevant Scripture into your thoughts and find other ways to nourish your soul

  5. Live less divided and more aware, grateful, and kind towards who you are, regardless of outside pressures.

Click here to get a free preview of the eCourse and to explore enrollment options.

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