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Counseling, coaching, and teaching are what we do (for the past 25 years, in fact!) We are 28 married years in, with two amazing kids (20 & 17). We both grew up in sunny Southern California and now enjoy living in quaint Prescott, Arizona. We're passionate for all things salty (water, popcorn, tears). And, to top it off, we love Jesus, family, deep conversations, and unhurried living.

We also run a boutique-sized non-profit: 10|10 Ministries, that serves Christian leaders, both individuals and couples with exceptional care through professional counseling + restorative retreats.

When someone comes alongside to inspire, challenge, and help hold the vision, it can be life-changing. Whether you're looking for someone to guide you through a difficult season or want some new tools to grow, we've got you covered.

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The Learning Series

When you want to live more unlocked and free, we're here to help. 

Explore our three unique product lines below.

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Igniting your faith and infusing fresh hope through in-depth Bible studies.

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Bringing "best of" marital counseling from our professional couch to the privacy of yours.


What others are saying:

Joey and Robyn have a serious gift for helping high-capacity leaders discover their deeper emotions and motivations. Their couples counseling sessions are more beneficial than any other marriage resources I know of.

John & Melanie Dickerson

 Brownsburg, IN



Online Courses 

From personal and relationship tools to in-depth Bible studies, we offer relevant, practical, and engaging courses to help you navigate your best life. 

Counseling and Coaching

We offer professional counseling and coaching, virtually, 

in-person, through specialized workshops and retreats for those looking to recapture hope, purpose, or connection.


Marriage Intensive Retreats

Our five day counseling intensive retreats are customized for one couple at a time, helping you discover deeper freedom and connection. Choose between mile-high Prescott, AZ, or the sleepy waterfront on Shelter Island in San Diego, CA.


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